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Better Man Blueprint

The blueprint to help men get in shape by building a stronger and more capable body. So they can be more present & active with their wife, kids, and still have time for themselves.  Ultimately becoming a better man.

Better Man Mastermind

Next-level skill training & self-mastery to become a more efficient strongman. Through the 3 core disciplines of strength: **Bodyweight
**Barbell, and

SAH Foundations

28 day single kettlebell course to set a foundation of strength, strength endurance, identify asymmetries, and remove naggin’ aches and pains. So you can build a strong, leaner, and more capable body.

Next Level Deadlift

How to take your deadlift skill to the next level so you can go from where you're at now to a double and triple bodyweight deadlift (and beyond).

Without training like a powerlifter.

SAH Bodyweight

A detailed roadmap to building your first One arm push-up, strict pull-up, and One arm one leg push-up.

So you can build a capable body & stay in shape anytime, anywhere.

Path 2 Sinister

How to condition your body to achieve Pavel's coveted kettlebell challenge "Simple and Sinister."

Using Hec's "Hardstyle Conjugate Method."

Double KB Manifesto

Get lean, build muscle, and get in ridiculous shape in less 33.5 minutes per week with 2 kettlebells.

So you can fit better in your clothes and be happy with what you see in the mirror.

Kettlebell Power Project

How to build a powerful, muscular, and capable body with ONE KETTLEBELL in minimum time.

So you can be more active with your kids without breaking down.

Armour Building Secrets

How to realign 7 key muscle-building hormones through a unique mechanism called, "Method Cycling."

To build maximum muscle with minimum fat.


How to master the fundamentals of the swing + getup to "bulletproof" your body to take life’s punch.

So you can be more active and not live life on the sideline.

Snatch Blueprint

The blueprint to transforming your body and life with ONLY ONE EXERCISE in less than two hours per week.

With the Tsar the "KING" of kettlebell bell exercises. The Snatch.

Kettlebell Berserk!

The lost treasure map to lean muscle, getting in mutant-like shape, becoming a badass in life, and virtually "unbreakable."

With the "black belt of kettlebell lifts." The double kettlebell jerk.

NO-BS Pressing Program

A NO-BS approach to building well conditioned body with the double kettlebell clean + press.

Max strength, more muscle, and better endurance in 90 minutes per week.

Strength Plan 001

How to add 10-20 pounds to your barbell deadlift in 4 weeks. By following a unique 4-step strength development process.

And still be able to maintain your kettlebell skills!

Kettlebell 6

How to master the 6 core kettlebell exercises to build a stronger, better conditioned, and more capable body.

Following the KB6 "M.A.D. Method Protocol".

'Always Be Ready!' (ABR)

How to build a stronger + more muscular body so you can 'Aways Be Ready' for what life throws your way.

Using ONLY your bodyweight, ONE kettlebell.

'Mat STRONG!' (MtS)

'Performance Progression Training.' A step-by-step  system on when to train for strengthstrength endurance, muscle-buildingmax strength, and power endurance. And how to get it done in less than 90 minutes per week.